From Field to Full Beds: Allotment Update

It has been a few months since we got the allotment and I'm happy to showcase that things are swiftly coming on.  Back in January we got the plot (you can read about the start of the adventure here) and of course a lot has changed in the world since then. We have been very lucky... Continue Reading →

My No-Dig Allotment Adventure

It's an exciting time as we have now got an allotment and so starts the newest growing project.  Now I admit its been lucky. You hear of long, long waiting lists for allotments, and I was on a waiting list myself. However, upon moving to a new area we chanced our arm and enquired, and... Continue Reading →

Walled Garden Diaries: A Glorious Glut 

The garden was on fine form in August, despite fluctuating weather, as we continued to pick veg like crazy and reconvened the ongoing weed battle. There has been the usual gluts, namely the cucumbers and courgettes. A few packs of seed have been so prolific and the pickings are always massively popular with visitors. There... Continue Reading →

Six on Saturday – June 8

I have enjoyed a productive week of visiting some really varied and impressive gardens, mostly during a trip up to Northumberland. After seeing some impressive sights I thought it represented a perfect chance for me to do one of my, admittedly now only semi-regular, Six on Saturday posts. I have included one from my walled... Continue Reading →

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