Walled Garden Diaries: Preparation & Propagation

In the first of a new series of blog posts I intend to produce, I take a look back at what was a busy March in the Walled Garden. It is something I am passionate about and I want to give people a bit of an insight into what goes on behind-the-scenes to operate such... Continue Reading →


Six on Saturday – March 30

It has been a really long time (admittedly since last Summer) since I have done a Six on Saturday post, in fact any blog post whatsoever. I can't really put my finger on why I have fallen out of the blogging habit, but I feel a fresh determination to get back on the horse. So... Continue Reading →

Six on Saturday – June 2

It is amazing how quickly time flies as it has been almost a month since my last Six on Saturday post. There has been a crazy amount of work going on in my day-to-day life as heritage gardener, while my courtyard garden at home also keeps me really busy.

Turning to the Dark Side

I have a real interest in black plants and am trying my hand at the art of Goth Gardening by putting together what I hope will turn out to be a dramatic dark display.

Six on Saturday – May 5

It has been a good few weeks since my last Six on Saturday and it has been a hugely busy period in the garden, both at work and at home. The weather has been changeable, to say the least, and the list of jobs to be done continues to keep growing.

Six on Saturday – April 14

It has been a mini-hiatus of a few weeks for me from compiling a Six on Saturday; however I am glad to get back on the horse. So here are the six images to showcase my last couple of weeks in horticulture.

Getting Creative: A Demanding Month

It felt like March was seemingly against gardeners; predominantly it was wet, it was cold and there was also snow. The ground tended to be unworkable and conditions were definitely not favourable for growing (or even surviving for some plants’ case). It is hypothetically fine if you have a heated greenhouse or more of a... Continue Reading →

Six on Saturday – March 24

What a seven days it has been, starting with cold and snow and followed by improving seasonal weather and the spring equinox. It is a confusing period for the gardener, especially taking forthcoming weather forecasts into account.

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